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RevMan (Review Manager)

RevMan Web is the online platform recommended for Cochrane intervention and flexible reviews. Log in to RevMan Web to access your review.

RevMan 5 is available for download as locally installed software (current version: 5.4), released May 2020.

Please cite RevMan 5 whenever its output is used: Review Manager (RevMan) [Computer program]. Version 5.4, The Cochrane Collaboration, 2020.

RevMan Web is the online platform recommended for Cochrane intervention and flexible reviews.RevMan Web has been designed to integrate with other systematic review software and new features and updates are added regularly. If you are a Cochrane Author, you can sign up to edit your review in RevMan Web.

► RevMan 5 is the desktop version of the software used for other review formats (diagnostic, methodology, overviews), for non-Cochrane reviews, and for offline working. You can use RevMan 5 alongside RevMan Web if needed.

If you need to use RevMan 5, please ensure you are using RevMan 5.4, the latest version released in May 2020. Available for download below.

If Microsoft Defender Smartscreen warns you against running the software, please click on ‘More Info’ and ‘Run anyway’. 

  • Download 64 bit version – will only work on 64 bit Windows machines 
  • Download 32 bit version – will work on most Windows machines

Mac OS may request your approval before downloading the software. You may need to adjust your security settings to authorise the download. Download


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